All my Google Chrome extensions disappeared

Today something weird happened with Google Chrome: all my Chrome extensions were gone. After trying several potential solutions I finally found one that resolved it.

The first thing I tried was restarting the browser normally. It didn’t work.

Then I searched around the web and found some solutions. The Google Product Forums didn’t present any viable one. There was also a post on Reddit about this, but it lead me nowhere.

At some point, some “darrel” at Yahoo! Answers suggested the following :

Yahoo Answers - Chrome Extensions disappeared

I tried this but I couldn’t see any yellow box. And by checking Chrome Sync, there wasn’t anything noticeably wrong… apart from only showing three extensions (there should be more).

Going to the Chrome Store to reinstall all the extensions seemed to be another option… but then I found I couldn’t do this as well.

By trying to install one of the extensions, I got the following error:

“An error has occurred. This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome”

All my Google Chrome extensions were gone and I couldn't reinstall them...

So before I present the solution that worked for me, let me resume a bit the situation:

  • This only happened to one of my Chrome profiles.
  • ALL my extensions were gone in chrome://extensions.
  • Both Chrome Sync and the Chrome Store error seemed to indicate that [some?] extensions were installed, but for some reason the browser wasn’t showing and/or activating them.
  • I also tried restarting my Chrome user session (in chrome://settings), but it didn’t work.

The solution that worked

Searching a bit more I finally found something that did work, thanks to user bones1618 in this post:

"Installed extension doesn't show up" - SuperUser.comIf by any chance you’re a user and this fixed the problem for you, give that person some high points!

There were other suggestions that seem to have worked for other users, but this is that which worked in my case.

Let’s see it in detail:

First, open chrome://flags:


Then find (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) Enable Enhanced Bookmarks. Set that as Disabled.

Enable Enhanced Bookmarks

A “Save” notification will appear in the bottom of the page (“Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome”).

Just click Relaunch Now and your extensions should be back.

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  • Melissa Newlin

    Thanks for this post, my extensions are back!

    • Pedro Rodrigues

      Hi Melissa, glad it helped!