Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School: dust off what you know and learn something new

Whether you’re a top marketing executive, social community manager, blogger, or whatever, if you’re using Twitter to promote your project and/or brand, this is for you.

Twitter Flight School is not only an incredible resource for you to refresh what you may already know, but also a good tool to learn about new ways to use the social network.

It does not matter whether you work for a small, medium or big brand. This is about business-to-consumer social interaction to drive brand awareness, ethics/mission, and ultimately (of course) to increase the marketing and sales effort.

Ultimately, I’d go as far as to say it’ll also help you grow your personal Twitter account, or at least enable you to learn about more effective ways to do it.

For example, the Flight School underlines how the hashtag is a conversation enabler, something which I’d risk affirming 95% of Portuguese brands aren’t aware of, or simply disregard.

There are many several Flight Path Courses for you to do, such as Twitter 101, Twitter for Executives or Ultimate Guide to Content Planning.

Lastly, and this is valid for most social networks, if you use Twitter for brand/business purposes, don’t use it if you’re going to stay dormant and without engaging people.

If your brand is on Twitter to retweet others 99% of the time, maybe it’s better to redefine your digital strategy and rethink how social finds its place within your business model.

Happy learning.

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